Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Greater way of calling

I have got a good friend who is in America, we talk to each other quite often. At the very begining we used ICQ, AOL and/or MSN some kinds of instant messeaenger, and I found it is more fun than writing email. After a while, the ICQ and MSN start their new service on on line talk, which you can talk through the software. So become even convenient, because it really save you the time of typing especially if you typeing not that fast...

Yesterday I received a call when I was working, and come from my friend, and he call me through the computer, he said he use Vonage VoIP service, and now he even change his home phone with Vonage VoIP, with that, he not only can call inside the nations but also can call overseas - just pay a local call rate. How nice that sounds!

After his call I found this news

"The Canadian real estate market continues to be hot, and many Canadians are switching to Voage home phone service to make their moving experience more bearable."

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