Sunday, October 29, 2006

Seminars that are supervalue for money

Dear Wayne,

Well isn't it amazing what the byraucrats of the world will spend time and money (they call it ressources) on. It reminds me of this sentence: "In todays world citizens are treated like criminals, and criminals are treated like they are victims". You and I are proud and honest citizens but our government and state government treats us like criminals. Why? Because an honest man is always an easy vitim.

When I think of all the trash and spam mail that is circulating around the world and on the web I am astounded that Australia is even considering spending time on an honest man and your so called unsolicited email. Your emails and newsletters ARE NOT spam or trash they are honest and informing and a smart way to sell your seminars. Seminars that are supervalue for money. On top of that a lot of smart info and wisdom is emailed via your newsletters.

Take a deep breath and continue on your mission to educate business people. A task the government is doing very little about.

I suppose they like the tax dollars that small, medium and big business are generating. The fact that 80% of these businesses are closing within 5 years due to lack of knowledge, education, capital and experience doesn't seem to worry the government much. There is always another new "idiot" they can tax back to the stoneage.

Finally I would like to say to you that you shall not hide from the press. You haven't done anything wrong since your actions at the time was done honestly and openly and with the knowledge you possesed at the time of your actions.

All research shows that being in the focus of the press will bring you more success.

Bad news is often good news in the eyes of the public, viewrs and readers.
But prepare what you would like to say to the journalist(s) and to the readers before you call the news and media for an interview. Tell them about your vision for businesses and your seminars. Tell them why you believe so much in email marketing etc. Turn it to your advantage and you will get more people on your seminars than you ever have experienced before.

Even if the journalist(s) that writes about you is doing it from a negative point of view it is still promotion of you and your business.
Remember that Australians love the underdog. The little man that stands to loose his business and his living because the big red tape bureaucratic goverment want's 5,5 million dollars from him. Why? Because he send some unsolicited emails to x-amount of leads. BIG crime mate?

Many australians and many business owners will give you their sympathy and support.
So call the press tomorrow and offer them exclusive interviews. State/country and TV level. That is my best advice! Turn it to your advantage!

Edith Piaff - the french singer - tried everything in her life. From prostitution to world fame. She said - If you have a "fault" - use it! See use your situation to the best. YOU can and you will be rewarded for it!

All the best

Michael Nielsen
Perth WA

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