Monday, October 30, 2006

What's a delete key for anyway

Wayne, the news of the ridiculous fine was an absolute shock to us at R Finance. To think that someone that chooses to change lives for the better is so severely penalized whilst criminals are enjoying the high life at the races is extremely frustrating for all of us!

If any one person can turn this obstacle into an opportunity, it will no doubt be you and your fantastic team. Don’t worry about the press, the story only made a small column in the Melbourne papers (also a few pages in)! You may have only had one supporter in court, but you have thousands across the country.

Most of us will feel bad and want to offer some help, and the fact is we CAN! I will for one ensure that R Finance will continue to support you through our offices in Newcastle, Sydney and Melbourne by attending all the seminars you conduct so passionately and successfully, whilst again renewing our Gold Memberships, and I will encourage all those in business to do the same.

This is our opportunity to thank you for the success you and your team have helped us achieve over the past few years. Please continue to send the Maverick and anything else you think will benefit us any time you wish. I suggest your next seminar be based on how to use a computer, especially highlighting the benefits of a delete key!!!

This may be of some benefit to all those negative sour people with nothing better or positive to do with their time. Keep up the great work you and your entire team do, and we all look forward to seeing you very soon.

Nazar Karabidian, Managing Director
R-Finance Pty Ltd

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