Tuesday, October 03, 2006

A Comprehensive eBay Search Tool

As I have stated in my previous posts, I use eBay fairly often. I mentioned before that getting your product correctly listed was a problem, but another common issue is misspelt titles. Misspelt titles can potential cost a seller a lot in revenue, owing to the fact that no-one can find the item for sale!

Enter Ebay misspelling search, an applet available at Spelling Search, that allows you to enter a title for a product (for example I entered Titleist Golf Clubs) and the applet returns a list of products that are misplet versions of your search.

I was returned a list that contained variations of:
Titlist - Titilest - Titelist - Titliest - Titlest - Titlesit - Titeist - Titlesit - Titlist
and this is just for a simple, well known brand word!

The service is essentially available so that you can search the entire eBay database, and return a search that includes titles that are misspelt versions of what you had entered. Some of the best deals that are on eBay, are sometimes misspelt, and finding these in the traditional sense is near impossible. I used this program a few times yesterday as a test, and found some amazing deals, that I probably would not have found traditionally.
For an eBay buyer, its worth a look.

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