Monday, October 30, 2006

Close the Sale...

Daniellt Kennedy, recognised as one of America's leading sales trainers, shares with us her 7 best ways to Close a Sale...

  1. Prepare well in advance, and you'll close effortlessly. Create a pre-close questionnaire, including as many questions as you can think of that the prospect may ask. For example; is your product as good a value as the competition's? Be sure you can back up your reply in a way that doesn't knock the competition, but exhibits impressive knowledge of both the competitors product and your own.

  2. Assume closing the sale is good for both you and the customer. As the closing process unfolds, a feeling should materialise of "there is no turning back. I have created so much desire in the customer, it would be cruel to stop now."

  3. Create opportunities for prospects to disclose objections. Say: "Is this price out of the ballpark?" The more prospects trust you, the more likely they are going to confess their true objections. Until they confess, you cannot close the sale.

  4. Team close. Your past satisfied customers are more than happy to help you clinch the sale. Tell the prospect: "Don't just take my word for it. You deserve to hear it straight from teh source - a current customer. Give them a call this morning."

  5. Create urgency. Caution: Don't play games. When you tell a prosect you have people waiting in the wings to buy, you better be telling the truth.

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