Monday, October 30, 2006

The Conditions of Existence


Thank you for your communication this morning. I don’t understand why you have been prosecuted. I attended one of your seminars some time ago and I assumed this is why I was on your list.

Good luck with your “fight back” campaign.

I am a devout admirer of Tom Cruise. I have been a Scientologist for many years and have seen the press try to destroy truth and goodness without success. Tom has the guts to stand up, speak out and endure. Although they do not know it yet, mankind owes a great debt to Mr. Hubbard and to Tom Cruise.

I suggest you get hold of a little book by Mr. Hubbard called, “The Conditions of Existence”. It tells you what to do when things are not going right in your life. It is practical and does not involve legal solutions but the use of your own considerable abilities. You can contact your local Church of Scientology and buy it. It costs less than $10 and will totally change your life. You can use the data in business as well. It is important to apply it exactly!

All the best with your fight for justice, and thank you for your positive energy.


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