Wednesday, October 18, 2006

memories about beach cruisers...

I still remember the first day that I learned to ride a Beach cruisers bicycle liek it was yesterday. My first one was a old green Schwinn Bicycle with Ape Hanger Handlebars and a beach cruiser seat. It was a dark greeen and I always kept a Jack of Diamonds tucked neatly between the spokes.

I have learned to how to ride for a long time, it was fun time. Finally, the eventful day came. The day was shiny and bright and although it was a weekend there were few cars about in the neighborhood. No sonner had my friend said get her a switch than I had jumped on that beach cruisers and was riding like the wind.

Now admittedly I only went two houses up to the corner when I crashed but something miraculous had happened. I crashed and hadn't died.

From that day forward my beach cruiser became my best friend. I rode that beach cruiser through rain, I rode that beach cruiser through rain, I rode that beach curiser in heat and I rode that beach cruiser everytime I heard my name being called...


  1. Anonymous4:06 pm,21598,20654172-5007222,00.html

    That is some big fine for a beach cruiser rider!

  2. Anonymous9:33 am

    Enjoy jail!

  3. Anonymous12:41 pm

    Isn't it great that we have the freedom to express our opinions even if they are misinformed and malicious.

    Bad laws need to be challenged or we will all end up in a totalrian state. Rather than duck for cover, I am proud of my positive influence on the lives of thousands of my readers of the Maverick Spirit.

    Maybe your life could be enriched by "getting one."


  4. Anonymous6:56 pm

    As someone who had the misfortune to suffer at the hands of your spammage, I just have this to say:


    You also seem to be replying to a comment that doesn't exist. Obviously you prefer to withdraw said freedom to express opinions in preference to actually refuting them. I wonder why...

    PS: YM"totalitarian".HTH,HAND.