Tuesday, October 31, 2006

The absurdity of the situation

Hi Wayne

Well I was at a film shoot all day friday so didnt hear about your case result until late in the day.

I can't help but wonder at the absurdity of the situation as I sit here and delete 450 spam emails that have arrived in my inbox since late yesterday,

How they can justify their position when they have done absolutely nothing about the massive volumes of spam that come in to the country from overseas
is beyond me - then again the legal system in this country is quite often lacking and has little to do with wrong and right I have found. It all appears to be semantics.

If I'm getting 450 in a day what is being sent out??

I can't help feel that like me with our strata hassles, your lawyer has been unable to explain the position in global terms well enough for the judge to understand.

I'm sure this is another one of life's hurdles that gets thrown out from time to time......

You have my support

Mark Whitehouse

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  1. Anonymous9:31 pm


    You think a spammer like Wayne here shouldn't be convicted just because there are other spammers?

    Oh, and he was his own lawyer.

    It was kinda painful watching him cross examine witnesses. On the few occasions he almost made a point he failed to ask the obvious question. It was futile anyway, but stopping so many times on the vinegar stroke was weird in the extreme.

    In the end Justice Nicholson had a pretty easy decision to make.

    It's always worth remembering that a person who defends himself has a fool for a client.