Thursday, October 05, 2006

VoIP and its furture

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is simply the transmission of voice traffic over IP-based networks.

Because of the cost advantages to consumers voer traditional telephone networks, VoIP has become popular largely.

VoIP calls could be placed across the Internet. Most Internet connections are charged using a flat monthly fee structure. Do you remember in 2005 autumn, suddenly, everybody is talking about VoIP. Why? I don't think there may any greater reason than the sudden success of a freeware VoIP chat program called Skype.

Using Skype as an example, it now offers the ability for its users to call regular phone numbers from their PCs, a feature known as SkypeOut. Skype also offers a voice mail service and can route incoming calls to a certain phone number right to a user's desktop PC.

You've probably seen ads for companies like Vonage and Packet8. These services promise ultra-cheap vocie calling service via your broadban internet connection. Some of them offer extremely cheap price, why? Their secret weapon is VoIP. Because VoIP telecommunication isn't regulated the way traditional phone line, so the providers could offer drastically lower calling rates.

So what's next for VoIP? VoIP-enabled cell phones will soon be ready for action. Just imagine driving to somewhere, receiving a call on your cell phone from your friend, and then continuing that call on the Wi-Fi netowrks as you walk into the front office. All without any interruption to your call-in-progress.

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