Tuesday, October 10, 2006

An eCommerce Security Solution

Now here is something that is a serious must for any business large or small that deals with online transactions. Over $3 billion a year is lost due to online fraud. Given the sheer volume of it, there is a chance that if you are conducting business online, this could be happening to you too. A way to prevent this? I came across a website called preCharge, which can end this fraud for your business.

preCharge works by directing your customers transaction to their secure server. The server then scans the transaction details against 180 different filters to determine if the transaction details are fraudulant. If the details come through clean, the transaction is then bounced back to your business, and can then be processed. If it turns up fraudulant, the transaction can be cancelled, and the details reported, saving you lost revenue.

I don't think it matters what type of business you are involved in, this is a great defence against a growing problem, and well worth investing your time in.

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