Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Right Brain Time Managment

If you are a Right Brain person, you are creative, like an artist. It's important for you to complete each task you start. The problem is this, completing things is not your strong suit.

There are four stages of the creative process:

Stage 1: Germination is the seed of thought that begins the process.
Stage 2: Gathering is where you accumulate the resources you'll need.
Stage 3: Implementation is where you out your thoughts and resources into action.
Stage 4: Completion is acknowledgeing your accomplishments and moving to the next process.

Most Right Brain people spend time on the first three stages and forget stage four. By doing this it depletes our energy to go onto the next project or task. Without completion, there is no momentum. Is it any wonder people feel drained, frustrated and tired? Without completion, it becomes harder and harder to accomplish things, so many people give up.

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