Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Introducing the Barbie Drug!

As part of my endless quest to provide my loyal readership with new scientific advancements, what would you say to a hormone that tans, improves libido and helps you lose weight? Crazy, maybe in the future? Not so! The hormone I refer to is called Melanotan II, and is a substance that stimulates the bodies skin cells to produce melanin, the skins tanning pigment.

The hormone was originally developed as a means of preventing the high rates of skin cancer common in the world. Inital experimenting creating a hormone, but that had a very small half-life in the body. So scientists went back to the drawing board, and enventaully created a hormone that was 1000 times more potent that what naturally occurs in the human body. After this the obvious cosmetic effects were realised, and the product went into commercial production.

For those interested, there is actually a site that sells this as a viable cosmetic treatment. Melanocorp has been associated with this product since its final testing and research stage. They have worked closely with products actual users, and provide intimate details for lab reports, as well as backing by US lab reports for human consumption. Speaking from someone who just got seriously sunburnt on Monday, its an option worth exploring for a no fuss tanning method.

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