Monday, October 09, 2006

Who Says You Are Good?

One of the most misunderstood aspects of marketing is the power of referral. Following a close second is the testimonial story... a real life examplen of what happens when someone uses your product or service.. in their words!

I highly recommend the use of a newletter to existing and prospective clients. Have the newsletter written 'Third Person'. That means you write it as a story about you and not as your opinion of what is happening.

I ahve included an example of The W Factor newsletter we developed for I.R. Watson and associates, a Project Management Consultancy. Ian Watson had been out of the public practice whilst being employed on Perth's major office development, the QV1 complex, and he wanted to let people know that he was back in the consulting business.

We developed an A4 Newsletter to be delivered by fax... it talked about what Ian had been doing and what type of work he was skilled at. The editor said all these nice things (actually Ian told me how good he was, and I wrote it as third person!) about Ian and using Fax Marketing we sent out 350 across the world.

The faxes went to Perth, Sydney, Melbourne, Kual Lumper, Indonesia, Japan, Los Angeles... cost... change from $350.00
The reseults:
Major contracts exceeding $35,000,000 resulted. Ian's business grew from a 2 people practice to 8 in just 18 months.
Another Maverick Technique...

Ask satisfied clients to say nice things about you and include them in your material. The biggest problem is getting your client to commit words to paper.. not that they don't want to, but they don't know what to say.

Here is the quick and easy way to get the job done.. Phone them and say you want to use their name and comments in your next promotion, and you have written out what you want them to say and you will fax it over. We find most times they say, "Read it to me now... I am happy with that!" then you're in business.

Now the last thing... When you use the testimonial include their phone number so people can ring. We do, and our best salespeople are satisfied clients. It also makes our clients happy that we acknowledge them publicly.

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