Monday, October 09, 2006

Discovery, The New Search Engine

Recently I stumbled across a new blog running by the name of The Fish. It is a blog developed by a guy called Mark E Seremet. He has created this blog for people who are entrepreneurs, web addicts business people etc. and discusses the his unfolding project, Repliqa, a Discovery search engine that will apparently reshape the users interaction with the internet. Mark was the founder of Paragon Software, and co-founder of Take-Two (most reknowed for the Grand Theft Auto series of games), so his background experience is exceptional.

This blog is an excellent place for information on Discovery search engines, Mark's business travels and ventures, and he even sometimes gives away free stuff just for reading his blog!

The majority of this blog is based around his recent company, Repliqa, which essentially is making it easier for people to find and source information that intertests them, without the need to spend hours every day locating it in the traditional sense. There is a video clip in one of Mark's recent posts that is a presentation discussing the function of Repliqa and how it differs from traditional searches. It's very interesting and gives you some idea of what it is he's trying to achieve.

The Fish

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