Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Easy Steps to Ebay Listing

If you are like me and have tried to get an item listed on eBay, you know that at times it can be incredibly hard. Here you have this great platform that makes it easy to make money, yet with this hassle of listing. Today I was offered a great new eBay listing tool that can do all this, nice and easy. It's called List'd. It's designed to make things as quick and simple as possible, allowing you to get your items up on eBay.

As part of your account, you will receive unlimited free image hosting, a partnership with Photobucket, and templates to improve the look of your listing.

The system works by guiding you through a simple 6 step process. Its just a matter of choosing your keywords, enter your title and description, add your images, pick a listing template, set your payment and shipping options, set your scheduling options and your done!
It made listing for me simple and effective, and delivered the results that I was after.

The best part is that its free. It's worth a try, and you've nothing to lose.

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