Monday, October 30, 2006

Stuck for Children Gifts?

I've got a little nephew with a birthday coming up soon, and as is the norm this time of year, I have absolutely no idea what to get him. However I think I might be onto a winner this time, as I came across this website in my travels, promoting the latest Elmo from Sesame Street toy, TMX Elmo.

Sounding somewhat like a cyborg from the Terminator movies, this is probably not far from the truth. This little toy has very clever robotics built into it, so that when Elmo is pressed on either his belly, chin or toes, he falls to the floor in a fit of laughter, giggling and kicking his legs in hysteria. He rolls back onto his feet ready to go again.

There are three different patterns he follows when tickled, each time pleading to be tickled more. The product comes in a neat case, and is pretty much ready to go. It's worth looking for little kids, and is available pretty much everywhere.

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