Tuesday, October 03, 2006

The Great Trivia Blog

I was browsing my articles through bloglines and clicked on a blogsite known as Aviva Trivia Blog. This sounded interesting, and I thought I would have a look. As you well know through my other blogs, that I enjoy trivia and random facts. Trivia Blog seems to think the same, and is jam packed with trivia related articles that encompass anything and everything.

An example of some of my recent reads include fact about Killa Bees, Weird Jobs, Useless shaving facts, and facts about inventions in history. Again the range of trivia is very broad, something interesting to learn every day!

This blog, like a few others I know, is great as a first read in the morning, as there is some really entertaining articles, as well as things that make you sit back in disbelief. It is truely an interesting read, and well worth bookmarking for the future.
Trivia blog can be found here.

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