Monday, October 30, 2006

I love reading your Maverick Spirit

Hi Wayne,

Congratulations on having such a peaceful response to this very public action. I commend you. I was especially moved to read the warmth of support in the emails at the end of this and I concur with the writer who says if there's anyone capable of turning this around it's you. I loved your response to the reporters that it didn't serve anyone for you to comment. You've done all the commenting that needs to be done. ACCC have made an scapegoat of you. What a shame we still get inundated with real spam on anatrim, viagra, imitation rolex etc ad nauseum.

I love reading your Maverick Spirit and have missed it recently. It doesn't matter if it's occasional, so long as it doesn't stop. Your depth of experience in business shows you understand this is yet another hiccup along the way. You are truly an inspiration and role model.

Please continue being so and good luck with however you handle the fine.

Marlene Rattigan


  1. Anonymous7:07 am

    A PERTH-based company and its director has been fined $5.5 million for sending spam emails.
    The Australian Communications Authority launched legal action in the Federal Court in Perth against Clarity1 Pty Ltd which sent about 280 million spam emails of which about 74 million were successfully delivered between April 2004 and April 2006.

    The emails advertised business seminars and similar events and products.

    Earlier this year, the Federal Court found Clarity1 had contravened the spam act.

    Today the Federal Court fined Clarity1 (Clarity1) $4.5 million and Director Wayne Robert Mansfield $1 million.

    It is the first time an Australian company has been fined under the act for sending spam.

    The company also has been banned from sending any unsolicited emails.

  2. Isn't interesting that you wouldn't have the strength of your conviction not to leave your details when posting to this orum... don't you have any guts??


  3. Anonymous4:38 pm

    Why would he. You sue people for stuff like that. (Joseph McNicol)