Monday, October 09, 2006

Travelling Glenwood Springs

Most recently I was viewing travel destinations and came across a beautiful town nestled in the Colorado Rocky Mounatins, Glenwood Springs. The town is located 40 miles north and west of Aspen, and is right on the California Zepher rail line with the Colorado river running next to the tracks.

Glenwood Springs is home to Fairy Cave / Glenwood Caverns and Bridal Falls as well as their famous Glenwood Spring Pool as well as the verious hiking and montain trails and abundance of wildlife.

The town itself has a long and interesting history. Its unique location at the confluence of the Colorado River and the Roaring Fork River as well gaining a stop on the railroad, historically made it a center of commerce in the area.

The city has seen numerous famous visitors including President Teddy Roosevelt who spent an entire summer vacation living out of the historic Hotel Colorado. Doc Holliday, a wild west legend from the O.K. Coral gunfight, spent the final months of his life in Glenwood Springs and is buried in the town's original cemetery.

This is a magnificent area of the world that boasts amazing scenery and landmarks, and the area is also featured in the feature film, Mr. and Mrs. Smith.
To find out more about this beautiful part of the world, visit the Glenwood Springs blogsite, for more information on places to stay, things to do

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