Monday, November 06, 2006

Work... It's Good For You

It has been proven that those who succeed love work - for its own sake, for the feeling of accomplishment it gives them. Your accomplishments are tied up with your enthusiasm for life. Make work your blessing and it will bless you.

On the wall of a world famous neurological institute hands a card, intended not for the sick but the well:

"If you are poor - work. If you are rich - work. If you are burdened with seemingly unfair responsibilities - work.

If you are happy - continue to work; idleness gives room for doubts and fears. If sorrow overwhelms you and loved ones seem not true - work. If disappointments come - work.

If faith falters and reasons fail - just work. When dreams are shattered and hopes seem dead - work. Work as if your life were in peril; it really is.

No matter what ails you, work. Work faithfully, and work with faith. Work is the greatest material remedy available. Work will cure both mental and physical afflictions."

Thomas Edison, prehaps the greatest inventor of all time, made this statement on his 73rd birthday:

"I am glad the eight-hour day had not been invented when I was a man. I am wondering what would have happened to me by now, if 50 years ago some fluent talked had converted me to the theory of the eight hour day and convinced me that it was not fair to my fellow workers to put forth my best effort in my work.

This counrty would not amount to as much as it does, if the young men 50 years ago had been afraid that they might earn more than they were being paid."

Have you ever wondered why the busiest people can always handle more than one thing? Why, in most clubs, just a handful do the work! Because they are enthusiastic and they have learned to channel energy in the right direction.

Love your work, it wil love you back!

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