Wednesday, November 01, 2006

A Novel Book Swap Club

Here is a great new website I stumbled across today that has a rather novel idea of finding and aquiring books, CDs, DVDs, magazines, VHS and video games. The site, titletrader, allows you to create an identity, and then display lists of items, such as old or unread books on the site. If another user desires the item, a request is sent to you. All that is required then is to acknowledge the request and send the item to the user.

Upon receiving the item, the user will click a receipt button that awards you a credit point. These points can then be used to search for items that you desire. If you find something that you are after, simply click and submit your request. The user who has the product will then send this to you, and will receive a credit point in the process.

Looking at this idea financially, its clear to see that if the proper safe guards are in place that you can save big time! Really all you would need to pay for is the shipping of your exchange book to another user, and the book would cost you nothing. And if you are in the situation I'm in, you would have a lot of unused books and CDs floating around anyway, so why not put them to use?

There is a large database of users already on the site, and you would think given the concept, that will continue to grow. There are over 180,00 items listed, and already 85,000 items have been traded, which to me demonstrates a system that works. I'm going to give this system a try, I recommend you have a look to.

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