Friday, November 17, 2006

The Soft Sell

Rules and guidlines for your use of the Telephone - the most powerful tool in modern selling:

  1. You have only a few words before you may be turned down. Studioes show that after the first 27 words, a client usually turns off a salesperson. What are your first 27 words? Do you make a strong point?

  2. Know your objective and stick to it. (Usually your objective will be to gain an appointment or to make a service call.)

  3. Introduce yourself, identify your company, describe the purpose of your call, and, if possible, tell the prospect how you got their name.

  4. Have everything that you need at your fingertips. This includes a pen, paper, calendar, call list, notes on the person who you are calling, and your telephone script.

  5. Don't make a sales presentation over the phone

  6. If you are asking for an appointment, make it clear you won't take a lot of the prospects time

  7. Avoid a monotonous tone of voice. Your voice is the only perception of you that the prospect will have - make it work for you

  8. Do not phone when you are not in the mood

  9. Be alert and enthusiastic, mentally and physically, smile easily; think and act cheerfully, no matter what reaction you get

  10. Keep a record of all telephone calls and the results of each. One advantage is that you will soon discover times when calling is the most productive. For example, one salesperson found that calling at noon, Monday and Wednesday evenings, and Saturday mornings produced the best results. You will also know which people you were unable to reach and can make plans to call them again

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