Friday, November 10, 2006

Healthcare Comparison Site

Healthcare, is an important fact in modern life. Making sure you are treated and diagnosed correctly, are shown attentive care, and most importantly, can walk away from the experience healthier or more informed, are things we usually take for granted.

I was recently asked to review a website for vimo, a company that offers free and unbiased advice on healthcare. The program works by people submitting reviews on doctors and dentists, as well as health plans from around the nation. This service can also cater for surgical procedures too.

The idea is to be able to compare where or who you would wish to see, or for some people receive second or third opinions on diagnoses that they are unsure of.

As an incentive for continuing to review on this service, Vimo offers its users a code for every review that is published, so that they can download five free mp3s on This is no scam site, there is no credit card needed or automatic billing for this service, just the five free songs.

This is an excellent idea for those that wisg to thoutoghly research their options before going ahead.

- Liam Webb

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