Monday, November 13, 2006

Astronomers Out There?

I've mentioned these guys before, and I'm more than happy to again, after they presented me with this new opportunity. OpticsPlanet now has a new range of products I thought I'd share with you all.

For all you budding astronomers out there, OpticsPlanet is now supplying a whole range of telescopes and optical equipment, that suits any level of enthuisiest and budget.

OpticsPlanet catalogue is complete with all major brands, including the Meade Telescope range, that offers amazing high resolution images and optics, as well as excellent construction. Other brands include the Celestron range, and Bushnell telescopes. All products within the website are offering extended 3 and 5 year warranties.

Knowing that a fair percentage of their customers would be amateurs or those getting into astronomy for the first time, OpticsPlanet also provides a set of comprehensive guides, including 'How to Buy a Telescope' and 'How to set up a telescope'. There are also guides for the best selling telescopes, and a discussion forum, where you can question and mingle with other enthusiasts.

In terms of cost, the products provided by OpticsPlanet, the prices are respective of the quality of the telescopes, with entry level scopes for a few hundred dollars, to the more professional items worth a couple of thousand. As part of their introductory offer, OpticsPlanet are offering discounted prices, as well as free UPS on orders over $29.95. Particularly handy given normal shipping costs.

Probably one of the best places to go on the internet for optical equipment, and the new telescope section is no exception.

- Liam Webb

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