Thursday, November 09, 2006

Any Inventors Out There?

I was again perusing the myriad of websites available today, more or less browsing as I do at this time of the afternoon. I recently watched an episode of the inventors on TV and my curiosity piqued. Inspired by these people staking their savings and years of hard work on a product they think will sell, put me in a mind to similar situations I've been involved in.

One of the search results that popped up however, providing an interesting insight into the world of inventing. Allow me to introduce the Invention Blog from Invent-Tech.

Invent-tech are reknowned for the help and assistance that they have provided inventors in the past, including assistance with licensing, legal implications and the like.

Apart from the usual discussions, the blog site provides a section titled "the invention hub". This deals primarily with the latest news revolving around Invent-Tech. These topics range from the arrangement of licenses for inventors or inventions, the latest ideas and patents relating to prominent news stories, as well as invention shows and meetings. This can be seen in one of their recent articles, which involves a licensed product by Invent-Tech hits store shelves.

Along with the obvious benefits the Inventors Hub provides, there is also extensive postings under the latest news (pertaining to what is occurring in the industry), as well as Trade Show information, news on licensing, and the services that Invent-Tech can offer their members.

This is more than just a gathering of inventors; this is really a community that is dedicated to assisting and nurturing ideas and products the whole way along the creative process.

If you are an aspiring inventor, with an idea or product you want to see get off the ground, as well as find a repository for all the latest in invention technology news, announcements and services, try the Invention blog out. A really interesting read and not a blog that’s just for inventors.

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