Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Some Help With Affiliate Marketing

As you would well notice within my blog page, there is affiliate marketing going on with Google and Amazon. This process essentailly works where a user will click on one of these adverts on the page, and for each click I am awarded a small sum of money (usually about 20 cents). There is not a lot of easy information out there to find, and for someone just starting out in this type of marketing, can be confusing and daunting.

That is until I was recommended this website today, that in a sense offers an online tutorial. This site Affiliate Marketing Forums - Revenue Through the site i've spent browsing through this site, there have been some very relevant and useful topics, particularly in the context of what I am doing on my websites. There are people here who are undertaking similar projects to myself, each with helpful tips and prompt responses for those who require answers.

For any problems you are having with either implementing affiliate marketing code into your website, coding related questions, or ways to better improve your return on advertising in the website, this is definately the place to go. Visit Affiliate Marketing & SEO Forums for more info.

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