Friday, November 03, 2006

The Sure Fire eBay Winner

Frustrated with missing out on bids on eBay by the narrowest of marigins? I know I have! There's nothing worse than bidding for hours, then having to go off to grab a drink, and come back to find that you have missed out by a matter of cents!
Thankfully I've found something that can help me out.

What I speak of is a new site that offers you protection for your bid, and stops the competition from searching by bidder to see what you are bidding on. But more importantly it places your bids automatically, leaving you with more time to do other things! This simply works by setting your maximum bid place, and then waits to the very end of bidding, before placing yours to ensure the best possible chace at winning.

The website, uses a system called sniper, which is simple and easy to use and also contains a comprehensive study and testimonial into the sniper technology, describing the impact of its use, and its success.

There is a 15 day snipe period, so its worth giving a shot if you are continually frustrated by bids on eBay.

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