Thursday, November 02, 2006

The Essential Male Grooming Kit

As a businessman who travels around the country a lot, I know what a toll this kind of travelling has on your body. The dehydration, lack of sleep and constant moving, its enough to drive you crazy at times! Today I was offered a look at a new product, New MenScience Travel Kit: TSA-Compliant Skin Care

The Travel Kit includes all the necessary features for todays skin aware man. These include face lotions, shave formulas, shampoos and deodrants, as well as ear plugs and sleep mask for those long and tiresome plane flights.

And for those living in out travelling through the US, good news. In regards to the recent terrorist situation involving liquids and hand luggage, the package is TSA compliant, as they are all under 3 ounces and fit in a one quart plastic bag (provided).

An essentail kit for any male traveller, and at a very resonable and affordable price.

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