Monday, November 20, 2006

A Fancy Touch to a Reception

At the start of the year, my cousin had his wedding reception at Oceanis, a beautiful restaurant on the Indian ocean, Western Australia. The wedding decor, meals and presentation of the night went along great, but of special notice was the level of detail put into the table decorations. I was reminded of this today, when I received an opportunity spelling out a website that offers candle wedding favors, an extensive range of candle decorations to suit any wedding situation.

The designs available from website range from champagne glass and laterns, to fruits and even mini chairs. Each has that different theme that will suit most receptions, regardless of what design has been implemented for that particular event. Better yet, obtaining these decorations is simple, due to the easy to use order and payment system present on the site.

I'm not planning a wedding any time soon, however you never know whats around the corner, as I have plenty of relatives I'm sure will be interested in the not too distant future. For those out there who are after something that expresses an attention to detail, and creates that little touch of effort that people will love, visit the website and decide if this addition is worthwhile to your next wedding event.

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