Friday, November 10, 2006

The Perfect Small Business Tool

Running your own business can be tough at times, and I should know. At imes there are things that you just can't get your head around, especially when you are just starting out. Its times like these that people need an easy and available archive of information to assist in this regard.

This is where the website, comes in. This site is deliberatly designed to help those just starting out in business, or those in need of an online resource archive for help in all manner of things business.

The website primarly offers business plan reports, (available as pdfs) that range from writing the perfect business plan, to top business mistakes and market research.

On top of this selection of well documented reports, there are several business tools available, such as start up cost calculators, cash flow calculators and financial plans, created in Excel. The website also offers sample business plans, to get you on the right track and demonstrate a successful model.

There is a myriad of useful information, and enough helpful documentation to ensure that any business can benefit from its knowledge. A serious must for any business, and a site that I would very much so recommend to anyone serious about business.

- Liam Webb

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