Thursday, November 09, 2006

A Remedy for the Slicer

I play golf.
I'm not very good at it, but none the less enjoy a game usually once a weekend. Like most, my short game and putting is not too bad, its my appaling drives and mid range shots that let me down. Yes I am a chronic slicer, and I have tried many different techniques to alleviate this problem.

I then heard about a product called the offset driver, on the internet by Ebalon. The physics behind the product, involve the spot being aligned with the shaft of the golf club, therefore enabling the elimination of the 'slice commonly associated with most players of varying skill levels. It certainly makes sense, and the testimonials seem to back this claim, as it has helped out many players with this problem.The idea behind the mechnics of it make sense, as the area that we slicers usually hit, is now the sweet spot, enabling cleaner and thus straighter hits to be achieved.

In terms of price, for the quality of the club and the costing of the competiton, the price is more than reasonable for a high quality product. I've had a chat to some of my golf buddies about it, and it seems like a worthy addition to the golf bag. I might trial the driver, and see how we go!

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