Monday, November 13, 2006

A Harvey Mackay Quickie

"Never Give the Same Speech Once"
I have, for many years, staged Sales and Motivational seminars featuring the Leading Seminar Leaders in the world - normally Americans. I was surprised that their talks were exactly the same as their tapes, and whilst touring the country, word for word each time they presented the talk.

At first, I was disappointed and thought I was being short changed. But, I watched the audience who were hearing these motivational words for the first time.. they were spellbound. I asked why this was so and this was the reason given. It is easier to cahnge your audience than change your speech. Besides, if actors in plays made it up as they went along, you would be disappointed wouldn't you?

Even in business, practive your speech on various audiences to get it right, so you have impact when delivering it to the target audience.

Harvey MAckay says, "Most successful people are good on their feet. We're in an information society, so the ability to transmit that information in an intelligent, succinct and persuasive manner is about as valuable as a skill as anyone can possess."
adapted from swim with the sharks

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