Thursday, November 09, 2006

The Great Ab Debate

For the past few years, the abdominal exercise machine has been the quintisential home exercise machine to own and use. There has been plenty of hyper over these, and no shortage of people purchasing these products on the TV or Internet.

Is was asked to review a product recently called the ab lounge 2. A lounge device that the makes its claim, 'work harder, not smarter'. Ergonomically speaking, the lounge seems an easy way to do things, but the design lends itself to focusing on key muscle areas, meaning less work overall, and more focused muscle targeting. Due to the design of the lounge, this device is perfect for those with neck or back complaints, who are unable to normally do crunches on the floor.

Conceptually the design seems sound, and the idea behind is definately specific to those muscle areas. Purely from a person with neck and back problem's perspective, this device is perfect, if they wish to do these exercises, but are unable to do so due to injury. In terms of cost, the product is on par with most other ad machines (but slightly cheaper).

So if you are seeking an abdominal exercise, but are restricted through injury, or need an easier way to do these exercises, give the ad lounge a shot.

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