Friday, November 17, 2006

The Appeal of Ugg

In Australia right now, its probably no the best of times to mention warm footwear. To any northern hemisphere based readers however, this is the perfect time to mention an opportunity that was presented to me this morning.

Over the last few years, Ugg boots have fast become one of the most sought after footwear styles in the world. They offer comfort, and warmth, and now thanks to the celebrities that wear them, a fashion statement. And now thanks to, you can purchase the ugg boot over the internet.

There are boots of nearly every type available here, including Ugg Classic Short and Tall, La Jolla and Catalina. These products are made by Ugg Australian Sheepskin Footwear, and being an Aussies, I can assure you that these are high quality products, made from the best (though I may be a little bias here!) There are a mountain of different colours available, to match these different styles as well.

As well as the large range of ugg boots available on the site, there are also tips on buying the correct size and style to suit your foot type, as well as foot health dos and don'ts, to make sure that you make the correct purchase first time.

I'm just thinking of my pair that got me through winter right now...

- Liam Webb

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