Monday, November 06, 2006

Getting Started

Starting is always the hardest thing, and in goal setting it pays to start small and build up some confidence with little successes. Once you start to do this, the excitement of having accomplished the little thigns will lead you on to the harder tasks.

It has been provided that the competition of cycles (or tasks) provides us with energy and that a lot of uncompleted cycles in our life makes us fatigues. If you get out of bed late one morning, fall over your shoes, stagger out to a kitchen full of last nights dirty dishes, climb into a filthy car full of rubbish, and then face a desk covered with papers, you will understand how tired a myriad of uncompleted cycles makes you feel.

Once you get the habit of finishing a job before you start the next, you will discover a whole new energy source. Try making a list of all the little jobs that need finishing, mark against then the time required to complete them, and get started. Experience the feeling of achievment that you get when each job is finshed. It will give you the power to go on to the next task. Progressively make the tasks more difficult and you will start to succeed at levels that are only dreams at the moment.

If you're serious about becoming well off financially, you will need to master the art of goal setting. If you can do it, and it is not difficult, your success is guaranteed.

adapted from Making Money Simple

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