Monday, November 06, 2006

American Muscle Fans

On a whim yesterday I was doing a search related to Ford parts for the company car. The usual plethora of information popped up, most of it useless. One of the searches came up with Ford Mustang car site. I decided I would check it out, and was pleasently surprised.

The site comes complete with all the latest information about the Mustang, as well as tech articles, wall papers, videos and reviews. There is also a forum available for any owner to ask questions, give their opinions and discuss other topics with other Mustang owners.

For any big fan of the Ford Mustang, modded cars, or automotive in general, this is well worth a look. The content is original and interesting, as well as there being some really tough cars on the site.

Now if only I had a spare $30,000US...

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