Monday, November 13, 2006

The Candy Man

A fair few years ago, there was a great confusion and anger as the Western Australian Government decided to move the Central Fruit and Vegetable Markets from West Perth to the new Canning Vale Industrial Estate, 20 kilometres from the city. Traders and growers alike were predicting disaster.

A good friend of mine, Wayne Geddes was one of those market operators who were forced to move to the new complex. However, Wayne took a different approach to many of the other traders. Wayne negotiated with the Market Authority to increase the size of his business and he started a large retail operation, selling fresh nuts and discount lollies.

He must have thought he made a mistake... because even today, many of the retail shops at the market are still empty. But he pushed on.

Visiting Wayne, he confided in me. "Mate if this is a recession, let it last a few more years."

At any time of the day on the seven days a week his Nuts&LollyShop is open, it is busy. And in a stroke of sheer "Lotto Luck", the Market Authority decided to run a Swap Meet Market on Sundays. It draws up to 30,000 people each week. Who's shop do you think all these people have to walk past to get to the market??

Not one to rest on his laurels, Wayne has shopping music playing as a backdrop. Titles such as "I'm the Candy Man" etc. And of course, he wanders around the shop giving free samples of the freshly roasted peanuts, and the carton fresh lollies.

I wonder what the others at the market think about Waynes success. I think they will probably conceed he "was lucky", in the right place at the right time, or any of the other excuses people who envy success can come up with.

Luck is defined as preparation meeting opportunity. When offered the reatil options nearly all the other traders turned them down. "Lucky" Wayne Geddes took the risk and is reaping the reward. Good on you Mate!

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