Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Drinking Pure Water Rots Your Teeth

Here's a humorous entry from my archives I thought I'd share with you today.

Oh don't you love the press! No good news today so they attack the thing most of us enjoy most - a glass of pure, fresh, cool WATER. Apparently our kids teeth have started to become rotten because pure water doesn't have fluoride in it that stops tooth decay. Their brains are better from not having doses of poison, but their teeth are likely to fall out!?

By co-incidence, Jack Panayi, a Maverick Spirit devotee, who I met up with at SmartMoves2004 in Brisbane sent me this story - about teeth, in a way.

Jack writes: At a recent meeting with the Company owners the subject, yet again, came up on how we are to increase sales without increasing our costs. Although I'm still working on that one it does reminded me of a little story I read on a major tooth paste manufacturer.

The sales executives were faced with a similar question posed to them by the chairman of the board. "We need to increase sales on toothpaste by 10% without increasing costs dramatically". " Please give me some ideas."

First person stands up and says...."Why don't we do a 2 for 1 price offer?". The chairman looks at him and says "So you want to give half the stock away?" "Next".

Second person stands up and says..."We have a new formula waiting to be released wouldn't now be a good time for a change?" Again the chairman looks at him and says...."Great, if you can create an awareness program to the general public without spending a cent on advertising then the jobs yours." He quickly sat down.

An uneasy silence filled the boardroom before the next person stood up and said. " I can get the consumer to use more without having to advertise or do any promotions"."

Please share your thoughts" says the chairman.

"Well", says the nervous executive, "why not drill the hole at the end of the toothpaste tube by 10%? This means they will use 10% more and run out 10% earlier, which mathematically should increase sales by 10%."

Cost?... Zero just a matter of adjusting the machinery.

Jack adds, "How true this story is don't know, but what I do know is that when ever I need to think outside the square I think of this story. By the way, still working on how I going to apply it to my situation. Hang on just thought of it you're coming to see me soon!

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