Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Defeat - The Best Beginning

Something about the advertisement in The Robb Report, The Magazine for the Affluent, struck me as odd... a full colour pitch for success headed up "The University of Failure.. your first step to success!"

Yep thats what The Maverick Report is about... our guiding philosophy... by being different we give ourselves a chance of success. So I remember reading James Rohn's Seasons of Life about the significance of defeat for successful people.

His final chapter starts...
"Don't pray for things to be easier, rather, pray for more obstacles, and more challenges, for it is out of these that man's character and will to succeed are formed."

My business partner often challenges me to try new things and ideas. We have developed this saying that when we try and fail... who cares... for very few will even know but ourselves and the more we try, the more we succeed. When we do fail it gives us a chance to reassess the reasons for doing something, the method of doing it, and then we have a real chance of making the necessary adjustments to achieve success.

Rohn says your role of present failure, or success, is a temporary condition. You will rebound from failure as surely as you gravitate into failure. Rohn also says that when he thought he could accept, he would say to himself, "This too shall pass."

So with this new perspective, listening to someone who has tried and failed, and tried again, is much better than listening to someone who has never felt the "fires of hell burning at his rear end."

You are only beaten when you stop trying.


  1. Anonymous1:08 pm

    You are only beaten when you start spamming....

  2. Faceless comments have no vaildity... if you want to be aken seriously in the big wide world, put your nme to your comments.

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