Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Computer Space Solutions

Being a business that runs a lot of computers, storage and organisation of the machines is a critical aspect to office operations. A poorly organised office space can lead to lower productivity, very bad headaches when problems arise, and not to mention the aesthetics of the whole deal.

With this in mind, I think it a good opportunity to mention LAN Racks, a product designed and produced by Versatables. Versatables specialise in storage solutions for the home or office, catering from large industrial office projects of hundreds of computers, right down to smaller business and home office solutions.

The company stocks a whole different array of furniture for your storing needs, including office furniture, school furniture, chairs, computer racks and space savers, as well as custom designs to suit any situation. The examples on the right represent the extreme industrial versions of the products the company sells.

Of interest to me however, was the LAN server racks. These are to take up minimum space, yet provide easy accessability. These range from the basic Server Rack 24", which can store two CPUs and three monitors, to the much larger Server Rack 72" that supports eight monitors and seven CPUs. An example of these can be found in the LAN Server Rack section of the website.

As well as storage solutions, the company offers keyboard and LCD monitor arms, CPU holders, and that ever annoying wire solution, wire management.

All products are produced in Los Angeles California, and will ship directly from the factory within a few days of the order. The products also come with a lifetime warranty from the factory, always a nice reassurance for this type of product.

So if you're running a business that requires the use aand organisation of several computers networked together, need to create some neat space for servers, or optimise your workspace, these table systems are worth the investment.

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