Wednesday, August 15, 2007

iHubNet Hosting Solutions

Blogging is the baby boomer on the internet. There are million blog on the net and maybe one of you has one of them. Also a lot of companies give their users a free blog like blogspot, wordpress, friendster, etc.

Also there are many of them get some money from their free blog hosting from the advertisers. But they have limited rather than they have a domain and shared Web Hosting. Why is that? If you one who always use free hosting, you will not get a good name because your website is the subdomain from the provider, for example: But if you want a good domain name, maybe you must paid not more than $10 per year and find it through whois service. The share hosting will give you a panel so you can change, designs, put server side script by yourself but you can not do this if you have a free hosting.

iHubNet Hosting Solutions is really cheap and depend what package do you want to buy. If you like blogspot the space around 25Mb is enough to start blog. But with joomla you need more extra space around 50-100 MB. It’s safer if you buy a domain and share hosting rather than create a free blog.

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