Thursday, August 09, 2007

KickBut with Rosie

Just got a note from my friend Rosie Pekar:

"The beauty of being a Deliberate Creator is that you keep getting more of what you WANT and less of what you DON'T! Let me fill you in for those not here in HK;

Yesterday I became aware...(probably all the signs on the streets and in every shop) that there was a level 1 warning for a typhoon to hit Hong Kong. Now if I was not a Deliberate Creator...I would have immediately felt the energy of panic and started discussing with everyone the possible dangers and all the 'what if' drama's and filled my mind, thoughts and actions with everything I did NOT WANT TO EXPERIENCE.

Now those that practice Deliberate Creation will know that those are the very ingredients to ATTRACT and INCLUDE in your life....ANYTHING that you FOCUS ON! (Even when you Dont WANT it)

After a great KickBut presentation last night there were wonderful rains (storms)however it broke long enough late in the evening for me to get a taxi back to my hotel. This morning I amazingly slept my busy plans for the day had all been cancelled as HK had shut down in preparation of the chaos a typhoon would cause. I do say I slept amazingly as I am on the 33rd floor with a healthy fear of heights (I am on the top level of this building) and it was a very noisy night. I was unaware that the typhoon warning had been raised to a Level 8 otherwise I may have bought into the energy and been afraid for the residents on the 140th floor of Hk's tallest residential building!

Our thoughts are phenomenal and powerful tools and any thought that we are at the mercy of events, and we are accidental in our presence and have no impact screams to me of re-active thinking. If you are challenged by my words, dig deeper and research for yourself how all the sages through the ages have validated the same statement...YOUR Thoughts CREATE YOUR Reality. There is much evidence in physics too...morphogenic fields,resonance and the theory of relativity. Today Dr Emoto studies water and our impact on it with thoughts...we are composed of over 70% water ourselves. I say challenge yourself to dig deeper and discover how YOU ARE POWERFUL all of the time and then your interest will be captured to learn HOW TO direct this POWER consciously and deliberately."

Learn more about this amazing young woman here:

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