Friday, August 10, 2007

Train Horns

Have you ever been in a situation where you honked your car or truck and nobody seemed to have heard you? Do you need a train horn or what before someone gets out of your way!?

How about when you are out in a boat on the river in summer and it is filled with all kinds of water crafts, like it is here in Sacramento, and what you have on your boat is not loud enough to warn anyone to stay out of your way. Do you sometimes feel that you need at least a 155 DB sound coming out of your horn before you can warn anyone of the danger that they are in?

If those thoughts ever crossed your mind, then I can tell you where to get that horn that is loud enough!

At you have a choice of a Dual Pump Train Horn Kit or an Single Pump Adjustable Pressure Train Horn Kit.

With the Dual Pump Train Horn Kit, which is made of high quality horns and can sound up to 175 DB, nobody can say that they can't hear you coming! The kit is easy to install and it comes with an easy to follow color instructions.

The Single Pump Adjustable Pressure Train Horn Kit which produces a 155 DB sound is also made out of the highest quality components and they have been tested and proven to last. It also comes with an easy to follow color instructions, so easy that anyone can install it.

Check out if you are thinking about installing a train horn for your boat, truck, train or car.

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