Saturday, August 25, 2007

Your Thoughts Make you Fat

This week I have been going great on the weight ( keeping it down ) program until this morning, when after seemingly starving myself yesterday ( entree portions at lunch, small portion for dinner ) I was 1 kilo heavier than yesterday... grrrrrh... don't you hate that.

According to health guru, Dr Alan Sears its all about how you think. Let him explain:

"Here’s how to do it:

Simply sit down with a note card the night before and plan what you’re going to eat the next day. Also decide (the best you can) where you will get your meals and your snacks. It adds a rational thought process to the decision of what to eat. And, it takes away the temptation to eat impulsively. It also helps me to avoid empty carbs.

Another great technique is creative visualization. Sit quietly for a moment and create a mental picture of you sitting at your dinner table. Visualize yourself eating high-protein, low-carb meals. Feel the sense of satisfaction that comes from eating those foods. Feel the pride and sense of achievement that comes from following your meal plan.

As you sit with that image, feel how easy it is to avoid the foods that make you fat. Empty carbs… Fried foods… You don’t miss them at all. Everything you need is on your meal plan.

This visualization really helps. By creating a picture of contentment and success, you “set your intent.” This helps turn your vision into reality. It also gives you a reference point to easily return to in case you get tempted.

When I was in India last year, the yogis talked about a similar technique: Focusing the mind on your goal. Seeing it with clarity… feeling like it already exists.

Try it. It’s easy and it works. For more details, on a successful weight loss coaching program including this technique and many more click HERE. A friend of mine has set it up for you."

You can get more Dr Alan Sears at Doctors House Call

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