Thursday, August 09, 2007

Time Waits for No wo(man)

Kiwi Time Management expert Robyn Pearce sent me her newsletter today with some great travel commentary.

"In June I had a very busy two weeks in sandy and hot Dubai. One of the activities included a couple of management training sessions for the International Cricket Council.

From luxurious Dubai to a week in infrastructure-damaged Nigeria was a study in contrasts, as you can see in the photos. Many lovely people, so keen to learn and better themselves; a country ruined by 40 years of greedy dictators; traffic jams like I’ve never experienced before; and a General Strike that began two days before US buddy Lenora Billings-Harris and I departed. They were just a few of the impressions. Despite all the bad press Nigeria gets I never felt unsafe, and it was certainly an adventure!

Home was great for 10 days - got to see my loving husband and slip in a day in frosty Taumaranui for the Sheep Council and local schools."

What a life some people live.

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