Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Build Your Own Home Theater

Someday we are going to get with the program and buy a wide-screen flat panel HDTV. In a few years, everything will be HD, and we won’t be able to use the TVs we have now, at least without some kind of adaptor thingy. Many of us don’t know how well the HD adaptor thingies are going to work, or how much they’ll cost.

But really, we love to just buy a new TV. More and more DVDs are coming out only in wide-screen format, which doesn’t translate will to regular TVs. And we’d like to have a nice home theater.

In addition to wide-screen TVs, Houston furniture also have some nice home theater furnishings, complete with cup holders and all. Cup holders would be nice, as they’d help keep cats from knocking over our drinks.

But as for TVs, a Sony flat-panel TV, such as the one shown here. Sony is one of the top brands of electronics, and lots of people never had a problem with anything from them. You may see these TVs in sports bars, where we often go to watch football games, and the picture quality is awesome...almost like being at the game!

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