Friday, August 10, 2007

Increase your vision

I receive a great newsletter from Justin Herald and in a recent issue Justin relates a story of "lack of vision" and how to fix it. Here is what Justin writes:

"Recently I was talking with someone who was sitting next to me whilst flying to New Zealand. The topic of conversation turned to achieving things that we either had achieved or would like to achieve.

I asked this person what it was they wanted to achieve but hadn’t at that point in time of their life. He stopped and thought for a while and said “I would love to own my own house but I can’t see that ever happening”. He had assumed that due to him giving life a fair whack, he had reached his peak and all that was left for him was to sit by and watch life pass him by. He thought that as nothing had worked out for him in the past with relation to owning a home, it was all too late and he would have to accept that it wouldn’t ever happen for him.

You know what? He is exactly right!

Whilst he continues to think that way, he will never achieve anything he wants purely because he has given himself permission not to accomplish that goal and to accept that his personal vision for him life and desires would remain small.
I explained this to him and after a while he acknowledged that it was his own thoughts and attitudes that were forcing him to live a life of mediocrity and not his circumstances.

Now I have to say, it isn’t the house or whatever else that he wants to have that is the issue here. It is the underlying thought process behind those desires that will see him fall short every time.

You see, until you conceive what you want on the inside; you will never receive it on the outside and be able to achieve all that you desire.
In order for anything to become a reality, we need to live it from the inside out. By that I mean we all need to ensure our thought process, our attitudes and our vision for our lives are in line with our actions and desires.

It isn’t our lack of resources or talent that stops us all from achieving and reaching those goals that we desire, it is our wrong thinking that will end up stopping us from ever experiencing what we desire. We will all produce what we see in our minds. Good or bad!"

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