Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Pat Armitstead - A Wonderous Talent

On my travels to New Zealand I have met an amazing lady - a "refuge" from Australia who is creating a name for herself in all walks of life. Pat Armitstead has been the prime mover in opening an art gallery in Orewa - just north of Auckland. I will let her tell you the latest news in her amazing journey.

Estuary art centre opening

I am pleased to have been part of a project over the last 6 months that has seen the creation of Estuary Art Centre in Orewa. In roughly 6 months a small band of people united and raised over $300,000 from grants and contribution from Rodney community! Lead by the Artist David Poole this has been a true example of co-creation .

It has also shown me how what we ask for might show up slightly different to that which we envisaged, and by that I mean in my planning within the Sally Anderson program I committed to create a School of Creativity and put $400,000 as the probable cost factor. Ha! I came in under budget and had my art used in the opening of the gallery on the 1st March 2007, creating a 6 foot by 4 foot piece entitled “Esteem – Dances within”.

Into this piece, inspired by the fashion illustrator Viramontes, I body painted a girl so she disappeared. She emerged as the piece was “opened” and danced to the song Lady in Red. The middle picture is the girl bodypainted into the background. For me the clarity of colour depicts the clarity of mind, and a sign of great progression and emergence for me!

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