Friday, August 03, 2007

Colloidal Silver

Sliver is an element essential in our body. The human body contains about 0.01% silver. Researchers note that sickness occurs more frequently when the level of silver in our body drops.

It works by disabling the enzymes which one cell bacteria, viruses and fungi need to survive. This enables it to be an effective killer of infections.

Colloidal silver is also able to kill a much wider range of infections than antibiotics. Infections can develop a resistance to antibiotics but this does not happen with Colloidal Silver because of the different way it works.

MesoSliver is a true colloidal silver that boosts your immune system to fight pathogens. A true silver colloid consists of silver particles that has many uses, for example tissue regeneration, fighting off infections and sicknesses such as colds or flu. Research has shown that MesoSilver is good for treating throat and mouth infections.

If you want to help protect family members from sickness, check out the effectiveness of colloidal silver at

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