Sunday, October 15, 2017

Airline food in Cardboard Boxes! Where will it end?

REALLY AWFUL - airline food [ already questionable ] served in a card board Box

Thought for Today 35/500
Getting ready for midnight flight this evening to Melbourne... arrive 6'ish, to the city, two sessions [ one 9 to 12 than 1 to 4 ] back to airport, and back in Perth for a coffee and merlot before bed. How is that for a commute - 5400 Kilometre round trip!
Ooops and they don't serve Merlot in the Qantas Lounge! Melbourne airport does have a Nandos so I can avoid the airline food - Qantas now serve it in take away cardboard boxes... I think you can take cost cutting too far - it is inedible!! Trust me, I tried a few flights back and nearly choked on it..
Article in today's newspaper glorifying Elvis and Priscilla - seems insensitive with all that is going on in Hollywood and the casting couch.
The thing that gets my goat today is the AFL trying to get a minimum $10 million payment for 20 years from the new stadium in Perth - greedy bastards I say!

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